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Peace Socks v.2


Peace is popular. We all say we want it. It is so popular, in fact, that we decided to bring our Peace Socks back. And this time we are bringing you peace in Red, White, and Blue (Navy). We picked these colors for two reasons: 1) Together they look really really great. 2) We're fans/natives of America, and these are our nation's colors. But you can also be a fan/native of 39 other countries and still wear these socks with self-congratulatory national pride. Regardless though, there are little Peace Signs on the socks. Do you need anymore reason than that?

Castelli Rosso Corsa 20 Socks All-new! Increased length for a 20cm cuff height! Illustrated by Thomas Slater.

INTERNATIONAL: Buyers are responsible for all customs tax/duties. Due to the nature of pre-orders, kits are nonrefundable.

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