Subject Athlete Jersey

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Here is a brief, but by no means complete, list of the benefits associated with being 1000% Subject Athlete:

  1. Immortality.
  2. Vitality.
  3. Access to Type I (original), Type II (latent) and Type III (transcendent) Fun.
  4. Great skin.
  5. Cognitive stuff.
  6. Friends.
  7. Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional excellence.

Part of the Subject Athlete Collection.

PRODUCT INFO UPDATE, AUGUST 2018: Castelli Podio Jersey. The Podio Jersey features slightly longer sleeves and a stretchier fabric (giving a bit more leeway for sizing down), but same fit as the old Team Jersey. 

Old Product Info: Castelli Team Jersey. [Limited Team Jerseys remain in stock, and are marked as such.]

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